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NoFauxxx.Com Updates!!!

Sorry I haven't been keeping up to date with The LiveJournal! It's been a busy Winter for little old me and my big old ambitious schedule.

CONTENT UPDATES (click on links to see NOT WORK SAFE samples)

Trouble solo set

Biscuit solo set!!!

And a video by Jezebel that's too hot for even a preview!!!


We are currently gearing up for a series of benefits to fund the filming and production of the very first No Fauxxx DVD. Check the MySpace blog for up-to-date news and dates for the benefits. Also, if you want to throw one in your town, let me know!!!!!!

In general, the My Space blog gets updated far more often than the LiveJournal, so you should add us as a friend and subscribe to our blog for more hot photos and website updates!!!!!


Check out the new 2008 calendar in our shop, and while you're there pick up a messenger bag, t-shirt, or some buttons!!!

(Lots more in the shop!!!)


xoxo Trouble
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