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Welcome to the brand new No Fauxxx, made live at 8:30pm on November… - No Fauxxx

About Welcome to the brand new No Fauxxx, made live at 8:30pm on November…

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Welcome to the brand new No Fauxxx, made live at 8:30pm on November 23rd, 2008! We didn't tell you about it because we really wanted to treat you, and I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to introduce these new features.
  • A free community. Sign up on the right-hand so set up your profile, partake in the brand-new message boards, check out our incredible models, make friends, leave comments, and show your love for No Fauxxx. We've always claimed to be a hub for the queer underground community, but we've never been able to offer you this kind of communication.
  • No Fauxxx Culture is a multi-media blog featuring interviews, features, art, and discussions. You can comment on anything, and you can also add it to your Google Reader or RSS feeds, so you can keep up to date without even coming to the site! Right now, we've got interviews with Tara Jepsen, Beth Lisick, and Audacia Ray. There's plenty, plenty more to come, so stay tuned!
  • SHOPPING!!! We've teamed up with Babeland.Com, a woman-owned, passionate sex toy company to offer you the absolute hottest sex toys on the market, as well as Queer Porn DVDs and our favorite sex books.
  • Beautiful lightbox galleries in the members area, with incredible resolution, luminosity, and navigation. We've really taken our hot porn galleries to the next level for you. Some of the older galleries still need to be converted, but they should be done by next week.
  • We are honest-to-god currently in production with our very first DVD, No Fauxxx Roulette, which will be ready (hopefully!) in January. It's going to top every queer porn DVD out there!!!

There's more great features coming your way, and if you have any ideas about features we could add to NoFauxxx.Com, please please please tell us what you think using our Contact Form.

Love you!

xo Trouble

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