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nofaux's Journal

No Fauxxx
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You must be 18 to be a member of this community. Anybody found to be underage will be banned.

This community is for fans, members, and models of NoFauxxx.Com, a pansexual, alternative porn & erotica site for all genders, featuring soft core and hard core solo models & couples of all genders, sizes, races, styles, sexualities, etc. We aim to be *the most inclusive* porn site on the web.

Livejournal Community Guidelines
1. Please do not apply/ask to be a model in a post. Instead, please go to the model application section of the website at this link. Thank you!

2. Please do NOT report site problems/broken links/tech support questions on the livejournal. Instead, e-mail trouble@nofauxxx.com and we will take care of it.

3. NO SOLICITING! Do not advertise your website or product in our community. This includes model searches or updates from other porn sites.

4. Please refer to all models on the site by their No Fauxxx names, and don't talk about their personal lives unless they initiate it.

5. Photo posts are allowed and encouraged. If they are not "work safe" (aka nudity) plese put them behind an LJ cut. Find out how to do that in the LJ FAQ.

6. Please do not steal bandwidth from No Fauxxx by posting photos from the site. Instead, save them to your computer and upload them to your own server space. Thanks.

7. Absolutely no hating will be allowed. This means rascism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, agism, and all the rest. The statements outlined in our mission statement apply to this community. Please respect the models and people who are posting, and please respect sex-workers in general.