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Up on now!


- I am selling prints of No Fauxxx models for the first time ever over the internet. They are mounted on a fine wood and coated in resin, a perfect gift for yourself or a friend! They are $80 plus $10 shipping. Size: 11x18. All photos by C. Trouble, owner & head photographer of NoFauxxx.Com

Please take a look here to see what's available:
C. Trouble's Photos for Sale

- I will be going to the Netherlands for the Impakt festival. Here's more information:

Event program MULTIPLICITY OF DESIRES - 10 May


Saturday 10 May, 21.00 p.m., Theater Kikker, Main & small hall

How does the Do-It-Yourself aspect of the Internet contribute to enhancement of the sexual and personal identity? New technologies enable you to become whoever you want to be next to who you are. Both in the digital world and in real life the identity restrictions as set by society seem to fade. To what extent do expressions of gender identity turn into performance and when do they lead to an entirely new identity.
With the rise of the Internet as a digital medium, sexual minorities in particular discovered the liberating potential of these new technologies.
People who felt out of place in socially determined categories, were provided with the opportunity to break with these set categories on the Internet and meet like-minded people. In this context, pornography turned out to be a means to attain one's own sexuality. Instead of just being sexually arousing, pornography for many also had clear political connotations of emancipation and non-conformism. This program focuses on a number of examples of (digital) emancipation of sexual minorities, from practical, artistic and theoretical perspectives.
The program includes a presentation by Trouble, performances by Wendy Delorme and Judy Minx, several films and a show by Baby Dee. After midnight, the Multiplicity of Desires party breaks loose with Volksmenner DDR & de Volledig Vrouwelijke KGB (Cruise Control) and a performance by Ravage Ravage. In the afternoon, Wendy Delorme and Judy Minx will give a workshop.

Marije Janssen (1979) studied new media & digital culture, and gender studies at the University of Utrecht. She co-curated the C'lick Me festival which took place at Paradiso, Amsterdam on 2 June 2007. Currently, she is working on the PINCHED festival, also to take place at Paradiso.
In addition, Marije regularly publishes and lectures about feminism, pornography and online identity creation.

Judy Minx (France)
Judy Minx is a porn actress, as well as an activist in queer, feminist and pro-sex organizations. She gives BDSM and post-feministic performances in Paris on a regular basis. Viva la Vulvalucion! www.myspace.com/oohgirlsjustwannahavefun

Trouble (USA)
Trouble is the founder of the queer community No Fauxxx (www.nofauxxx.com), a platform of people that refuse to adhere to the imposed (hetero) sexual standard. They condemn parochialism and look for sexuality outside the established structures. No Fauxxx: porn that doesn’t fake it.

Multiplicity of Desire party
Multiplicity of Desires is topped off with a low-down dirty party in Theater Kikker. Be whoever who want to be and dance to the sexually arousing beats of Volksmenner DDR & de Volledig Vrouwelijke KGB (Cruise Control). Put on your best fluorescent suit for the live performance of haute couture ravenoir heroes Ravage Ravage! And if you are too tired to stand up, check out the hot images of VJ Mediawar.
Be part of Mediawar's fetish VJ-set and put your own clip on You Tube. Send the link to your clip to thomas@impakt.nl and you may see yourself screened at the Impakt Party !

Film Program
Emilie Jouvet ,The Apple(France 6:00 min)
Superm Highway, Superm Highway-Brian Kenny and Slava Mogutin(USA 2006, 8:00 min)
Inside the Pavillion of Virginia Puff-Paint, Jeremy Laing & Will Munro (2004, 8:35 min)
Dead Tech by Marriage, James Tsang and Math Bass (USA 2005, 4:00 min)
One Night at Andre's, Steve Reinke (Canada 2007, 2:00 min)
Trannyfags, Morty Diamond (USA 2004, 5:00 min)
Big Boob Adventures, Allanah Starr (USA 2006, 5:00 min)

Workshop: "Sex invasion web 2.0
An experience of radical exhibitionism online, " for women, trans and queers” door Wendy Delorme en Judy Minx

Saturday 10 May, 14.00 hours, Theater Kikker, main hall

Workshop: Sex invasion web 2.0
An experience of radical exhibitionism online
For women, trans and queers
By Wendy Delorme en Judy Minx.
Come do public sex online and attack censorship of sexual representations on the public webspace. Join the club of radical exhibitionists
"sex invasion".
Create your (anonymous!) online profile, bring your camera, your favorite sex toys and porn pictures and shoot your own photo’s with
Wendy & Judy.
Experiment with exhibitionism, find the porn star
in you and show yourself to the entire online world.
Be ready to conquer the web!
Exclusively for women, queers and transgenders.
Register through info@impakt.nl, at least 1 week before start
of the workshop.

Saturday, 10th of May, 14.00 h, Theater Kikker, small hall


The workshop will take place in the Impakt Festival 2008,
as part of the program:

Multiplicity of Desires
How does the Internet contribute to enhancement of the sexual
and personal identity?
With on Saturday 10th of May: films, lectures, performances,
concerts and this workshop.
Featuring Wendy Delorme (FR), Judy Minx (FR), Trouble (VS) and others.
A party with the DJ’s from
Cruise Control (NL) and a concert by Ravage Ravage (NL).

Impakt Festival 2008, 7th to 11th of May, www.impakt.nl

xoxo Trouble
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